Jumat, 25 November 2016

What the word Vennard About Lifuma scandal Perbanas Travel this year and until now?

Futsal League students were rolling this time has entered the quarter-finals to – 3. runner up Team Lifuma last year, ABFII scandal Perbanas, is currently still showing positive trends after grabbing victory from 2 STIE of BP and UBK.

Futsal team coach ABFII scandal Perbanas Institute, Vennard Hutabarat said, on an already Lifuma rolling in to this – 11 wish there was a better change in terms of the quality and status of the players should be obvious.

What the word Vennard About Lifuma scandal Perbanas Travel this year and until now?

"I hope the campus there are some improvements, most notably, the status of the player, a kind of stealth players, meaning that the player must be a student from eachcampus of mandatory lectures and not just simply got the scholarship," lamented Veve to editorial team Sepatu Futsal ID.

Later, hope this year Lifuma requirements must be made increasingly strict in order to get a better change.

The event is also the oldest League as a container where young players can develophis talent with a team beloved campus.

"I would argue where this Lifuma event where young players or the students can develop their talents and this forerunner of National development for the future especially the successor nation ready to defend Indonesian futsal national team. Because the majority of the players, it was the advent of from lifuma, "he continued.

Whereas, in the preparation of his team ahead against a Tax on several campuses yesterday (1/10), Veve admitted the players experienced a decline with a drop, when physical condition on matchday 2 and then in the match against the UBK, the playersoften baited opponents so as to make the defence of Reza Yamani dkk often perforated so that the opponent can create opportunities.

"So far I can see, children can run instruction, live how we continue to do the correction of defend for opposing the impending Tax (Several)," he said.

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However, a Counter attack that carried the players UBL quite successfully after a few times rely on penetration of Akhmad Rivaldi Iban and Sena. Both players this teeny is often several times to deny the defense motion UI with lincahnya.

What the word Vennard About Lifuma scandal Perbanas Travel this year and until now?

In the second half, his team showed superior qualities of UBL, with easy-to-disassemble the UI with the far superior defense 8-4. In fact, when the remaining time is six minutes of acting using UBL tactics power play, sticking with the way the ball as long as possible in the area of the opponent. Tanks game, final seconds, adding to his team's advantage Dwi Hendra to 9-4.

Coach the University of Budi Luhur, Arief Nurrahman, depicts the early game he tried to experiment by playing his young players.

"We are trying to match the beginning of the young players who have just entered the University, the next we play new players who are a little bit inexperienced in the team," continued.

"In this case the most important is the preparation of a defense that sometimes stillsometimes easily in unloading by opponents. With a relatively long enough, about two weeks, we will strengthen defense, so that later on 17 October, the stronger the UBL, "final closing pungkas interview to his coach Acong greeting a close companion.