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The Club's uniform symbol of Suffering and pain

Simone Zaza experienced different things. His family migrated from Sassuolo to Juve result in lack of an opportunity to appear in the first team. Never scored, Zaza is still waiting for its first appeared in minutes Juventus.

That situation is a consequence of technical because coach Massimiliano Allegri has already got a trio of Mario Mandzukic, Alvaro Morata, or Paulo Dybala leading option as compared to Zaza.

Different conditions experienced by Manolo Gabbiadini and Jose Callejon (Napoli),Antonio Di Natale (Udinese), or Philip Anderson and Antonio Candreva (Lazio).

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They haven't appeared as in level last season despite injury problems plagued notmeans.

Take for example the case of Philip Anderson in Lazio. Brazil winger it exploded last season with a record of 10 goals and 7 assists.

The Club's uniform symbol of Suffering and pain

However, due to the sluggish performance, Anderson has only appeared as a substitute in three weeks early this season.

"I cannot understand why he backed up. We hope Felipe played regular as a starter, "said agent Anderson, Juliana Gomes, on La Lazio Siamo Noi, criticized the decision of coach Stefano Pioli.

Funds amounting to 38 million euros (618.4 billion dollars) used AC Milan made their front-line refit this season.

The Italian IL Rosso (the Red Devil) to spend 30 million euros to acquired Carlos Bacca from Sevilla, while the remaining eight million worn as mahar proposes to Luiz Adriano from Shakhtar Donetsk.

Bacca and Milan-Adriano is expected to emerge as their main problem solution last season, namely poor odds.

Only, the presence of Bacca and Adriano have not provided significant improvements.

In three Serie A matches 2015/16, Il Italian still visible difficulties create opportunities in gold.

In fact, the Serie A standings if it refers to the number of shots to play, Milan will be in the zones of degradation, exactly the position!

Based on statistics published La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian Il penggawa new seven times so far off his shot on target.

The Club's uniform symbol of Suffering and pain

There are only three Serie A team that failed to take down the number of shots intothe net as much as two digits, i.e. Milan (7), Bologna (9), and Empoli (9).

Meanwhile, the position of the table top five teams to play shots printer most filled by Lazio (19), Turin (18), Sassuolo (17), Rome (17), Sampdoria (17).

One of the reasons expressed La Gazzetta related lack of opportunity is the fact thatSinisa Mihajlovic's squad to play the formation 4-3-1-2.

The existence of the trequartista (attacker holes) caused the ball rarely gets to walkBacca or Adriano. One of the tasks is indeed slow the trequartista tempo game.

Figures like Keisuke Honda, Suso, or Giacomo Bonaventura understand how prolonged rhythm. On the other hand, they do not have enough fantasy and speed to raise the tempo of the game Il Italian.

Historical events teach someone to first settled themselves and rise when doing wrong as well as keep even continued to hone the ability to assume was able to achievea feat that boast.

It includes everything in human life, including sport, especially football. So many elements of green field that uses memory-the memory of the past for the sake of uplifting to success in the present.

Lazio is one element of football who understands how important taking a lesson from history. The club called Gli Aquile aka the Eagles were then poured their understanding in the latest the away uniforms create a wading through 2015/16.

Lazio has a new uniform black and sky blue accents plus motif resembles the Eagle in the Center. Costumes like this before ever used Lazio in the summer of 1986/87 during the crisis of the achievements.

At that time, Lazio should be thrown into Serie B season with State initiate the plusminus nine points due to the scandal of the score. The Club's original capital of Italywas even almost relegated to Serie C1 in the late season.

The Club's uniform symbol of Suffering and pain

Lucky, the successful Lazio won the match of the play-off relegation counter Taranto and Campobasso so it can escape from the pinhole. The moment thus becomes a marker in a new era at the Club for the next season the Eagles managed to crawl back to Serie a.

"These Uniforms represent many things, ranging from the suffering and pain to happiness for the Club and the fan," said Communications Director of Lazio, Stefano DeMartino, as reported by the Football-Italy.

In addition to the memory of the struggle of the 1986/87 season, the away uniformis new Lazio also marked the anniversary of the first clubs to 115-which falls on 9 January. Writing "SS Lazio 1900 listed at the back of the neck.

One is the next detail the inclusion of a new slogan "Noi l'Amiamo e Per Lei Combattiamo" which means "we love you and we are fighting for you" at the collar. The sentences were selected based on the results of fan voting at the official site of the Club some time ago.