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MU Launches Ibrahimovic Before the 2016 European Championship

Manchester United reportedly is ready to accommodate the Daily Mail services of Lionel Messi. Rumors about the plan after rampant as Messi removals the player continue to tax problems caught allegedly in Spain.

The Argentina midfielder recently testified in tax court Spain, Thursday (2/6/2016). Accompanied by his father, Jorge, Messi will testify over alleged cases of tax evasion.

Messi and his father claimed to have committed tax evasion with the value reaching4 million or equivalent to Rp 61 billion between 2007 and 2009.

The case sparked media attention then Spain. Incisive media spotlight directed himto make quarter-turns out the heartache and frustration.

The nearest source confessed, Messi does not close the possibility to leave in the near future. Those situations are ready utilized by Manchester United.

MU Launches Ibrahimovic Before the 2016 European Championship

Fortress Old Trafford if Manchester United are interested in accommodating the service he left Barcelona. However, the Red Devils should at least prepare for big fundspurchased the player nicknamed La Pulga it.

Lionel Messi is a product of the original building of the Academy of Barcelona, La Masia. Up to now, Messi was recorded already played in 453 appearances and scoring531 goals for Los Cules.

The former Manchester United, Paul Ince, asking the fans so that they cannot pin too high hopes to Jose Mourinho. According to him, The Special One not necessarily able to give success to the Red Devils.

Jose Mourinho was introduced as the new manager of Manchester United on May 27, 2016. Portugal was designated origin man replaced Louis van Gaal reacted and bound with a contract duration of three years with an option for an extension for 12 months.

Jose Mourinho's presence at Old Trafford gave the new warranty will be success. The reason, the figure of the former Chelsea Manager was indeed almost always givesthe title to the Club diarsitekinya.

Total, Portugal coach was offered the 22 degree during the Club's six for directing, i.e. Uniao de Liria, FC Porto, ChelseaInter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

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MU Launches Ibrahimovic Before the 2016 European Championship

Appointment of Mourinho made the Red Devils supporters hope that THY fasting can end the Premier League title. Understandably, the title of the highest caste in theUnited Kingdom it was the last time belonged to MU in the season 2012-2013.

"I think they have the right figure, though You never know the fact later. You can just hear the Club's top brass said we had the right figure here and six months ahead they instead lose his job, "said Ince.

"You've seen it all the time. I'm sure when Van Gaal reacted to join Manchester United everyone says he's the right figure because succeeding at Ajax and Barcelona. But the next two seasons, instead he fired, "said the man who defended MU range 1989-1995.

Since starting a coaching career in 2000, Jose Mourinho melakoni 765 games with six different clubs mengarsiteki. As a result, The Special One grabbed 505 WINS, 154draws, and 106 times defeats. His victory percentage reach 66.01 percent.

Manchester United is rumored to Sky Sports will hook the Zlatan Ibrahimovic beforethe 2016 European Championship starts. The Red Devils will get the services of Ibrahimovic for free.

Manchester United's Party and representatives of Ibrahimovic already has conducted meetings in order to discuss the player's move to Old Trafford. The strongholds ofThe Red Devils handed the contract lasts one year with an option for an extension of one year to the next.

MU Launches Ibrahimovic Before the 2016 European Championship

Manchester United made Ibrahimovic as the sole target of the attacker in bursa 2016 summer transfer. New Red Devils Manager, Jose Mourinho, reportedly has agreed to return to work the same with Ibrahimovic.

Earlier, Ibrahimovic and Inter never together was at Inter in 2008-2009. Sweden midfielder was then invited to Barcelona and Mourinho remained at Inter Milan for one year later.

After briefly to AC Milan in 2010, Ibrahimovic continued his career at Paris Saint-Germain starting 2012. Players aged 34 years it pioneered the success as a player in hisfour years in the PSG.

However, Ibrahimovic refused to extend a contract that will expire on June 30, 2016.Currently, it is undergoing Sweden players preparation ahead of the 2016 European Championship.