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5 most expensive Transfers in the Premier League appear Ugly

The Premier League is one of the European competitions often issued large funds for the sake of buying players in the summer transfer. However, some of the football player digaet with exorbitant prices appear bad.

In the summer of this year, the clubs in the Premier League issued a Fund of up to 1.2 billion pounds sterling or equivalent to Rp 9 trillion to buy or borrow the 252 players. Paul Pogba became the player with the most expensive purchases, not only in the United Kingdom but also throughout the world.

The France national team midfielder bought Manchester United from Juventus with a reach around 89 also pounds (Rp 1.5 trillion). He beat around 80 million pounds courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale priced 85.3 million pounds while Real Madrid would go home.

Bought with a price that is not cheap, a number of football player managed to make it up with a scintillating performance in the field. Donation goals and assists are able to bring a club to be defended title champion.

5 most expensive Transfers in the Premier League appear Ugly

Even so, some players also bought with the price of expensive minimal contributions. The difficulties of adapting as well as storms that hit injury makes the player with the most expensive transfer value fails to shine alongside new Club.

The following are 5 football player who purchased expensive by Premier League clubs in the summer and failed to shine.

1. Juan Sebastian Veron (Rp 494 billion)

Appearing slick Lazio from 1999 to 2001 to make Manchester United attracted acquired Veron to Old Trafford. Dana 28.1 million pounds ($ 494 billion) must be issued MU to get signatures of Veron in the season 2000-2001.

These values make Veron became the player with the most expensive transfers in the Premier League at the time. However, the Argentina midfielder failed to exhibit his best performance together. He scored only 11 goals plus 10 assists from 77 matches alongside the Red Devils.

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5 most expensive Transfers in the Premier League appear Ugly

2. Robinho ($ 580 billion)

Former Brazil national team penggawa is one of the most expensive purchase of Manchester City in the transfer of the summer. Robinho purchased City of Real Madridwith a price of 33 million pounds ($ 580 billion) on September 1, 2008.

Status as a player with the most expensive transfer value is inversely proportional to the good performance in the field. On the season premiered at Manchester City, hescored only 15 goals in 41 matches. Whereas, in the 2009-2010 season, Robinho was hit by injury and make it appear in 12 matches and scored one goal.

3. Angel Di Maria (Rp 1 trillion)

The Argentina national team Penggawa is one of the best midfielder in Europe. No wonder if THY dare pull out funds management 59.7 million pounds ($ 1 trillion) for the proposal at the Mary of Real Madrid on August 26, 2014.

Sayang, Di Maria fails to eject his appearance with The Red Devils. The 28-year-player only contributed four goals and 12 assists from 32 matches together. Minimal contribution, Angel Di Maria was eventually sold to Paris Saint-Germain at a price of 44 million pounds ($ 773 billion) on July 25, 2015.

4. Christian Benteke (Rp 694 billion)

Liverpool has with its performance over the past three seasons Benteke uniformedAston Villa. The Reds need players like Benteke upholstery to be Daniel Sturridge who often was hit by injury. Liverpool midfielder Belgium proposes any of it from Villa with a mahar 39.5 million pounds sterling ($ 694 billion).

5 most expensive Transfers in the Premier League appear Ugly

Expected to be a touchdown machine, Christian Benteke thus appear ugly. He scored only 10 goals plus six assists all last season. Failed shows the best performance, The Reds pulled off Benteke to Crystal Palace at a price of 27 million pounds ($ 474 billion) on August 20, 2016.

5. Memphis Depay ($ 439 billion)

The Netherlands midfielder is a top scorer Eredivisie Netherlands 2014-2015, with 22 goals. Stylish performance that made Manchester United Depay vigorous huntinghis signature on a stock transfer early season 2015-2016.

After spending 25 million pounds ($ 439 billion), MU managed to redeem Depay from PSV Eindhoven. But Memphis Depay failed to continue the positive trend along with PSV at The Red Devils. He only collected seven goals in 45 matches throughout the event season competition 2015-2016.