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Herrera: Paul Pogba is able to Change the game in 1 second, but ...

Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Gundogan, dibekap injury when facing a Watfordweekend action at the 16th Premier League, on Wednesday (14/12/2016). Cederanya Toure Yaya could make Gundogan to appear more often.

The Germany national team midfielder plays since the early minutes when Manchester City a 2-0 win over Watford at Etihad Stadium. However on 44 minutes, Gundogan should be pulled out of the field at 44 minutes due to injury.

After undergoing an initial examination on Thursday (15/12/2016), Ilkay Gundogan injured ligaments in his knee. Due to an injury that, should the long predictably Gundogan absent, even until the end of this season.

"Unfortunately it is the same knee injury but must remain robust. Gundogan We feel very sorry for him, because it has been quite difficult for him at the start of the season. He has worked so hard and he's playing well, "said Man City Defender, Pablo Mancini.

Without Ilkay Gundogan, Manchester City Manager had to find a replacement for ideal to occupy posts in the midfield. The most fitting choice fell to Yaya Toure.

Herrera: Paul Pogba is able to Change the game in 1 second, but ...

Despite its status had been frozen by Barcelona, Toure managed to exhibit if her abilities are still not exhausted. The Ivory Coast national team midfielder successfully scored two goals from six games in the entire pageant competition on this season.

With Ilkay Gundogan which was hit by injury and Fernandinho who have to undergoa three-match ban sanctions action, Yaya Toure likely would Duet alongside Fernando midfielder anchor.

The Manchester United midfielder, Ander Herrera, mentions the presence of Paul Pogba is able to change the game to his team. However, Herrera refers not only the Pogba could do so at MU.

"He can change the game in one second. He has a tremendous shot. He could be beaten to the ball, he can combine both in the penalty box, and create something. He is a top player, "said Herrera.

Pogba redeemed THEE from Juventus on a stock transfer early this season with a reach around 89 million pounds sterling (Rp 1.4 trillion). The France midfielder's abilityis expected to bring a positive impact against the performance of the Red Devils.

However, he had difficulty showing the best performance. Paul Pogba scored goals in five matches the Prime along with Manchester United. As a result, MU votes useless buy players 23 years old with exorbitant prices.

Slowly, he began to find his best performance. Pogba is capable of scoring five touchdowns plus three assists from 17 matches that are already living.

Herrera: Paul Pogba is able to Change the game in 1 second, but ...

The latest, Paul Pogba was able to score a goal when The Red Devils meets Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, Wednesday (14/12/2016). Pogba records his name on the scoreboard in the 45 + 2 at once bring MU won with a score of 2-1.

"Pogba keep Pogba. But not the only one who can change the game. I am optimistic. The Manager was very excited and she thinks just like us if we have to have a lot more points, "continued Herrera.

The contributions of Paul Pogba was still not able to boost the position of Manchester United in the standings while the Premier League. MU is still ranked at six with a value of 27 results from 16 matches.

Five Chelsea players reportedly threatened absence from Boxing Day Premier League having already collected four yellow cards.

According to the Daily Mail, Friday (16/12/2016), a total of 27 players from Premier League clubs have got four yellow cards. As for the Chelsea players who were on the list, among them Diego Costa, N'Golo Kanté, David Luiz, Nemanja Matic, and Pedro.

Tottenham Hotspur became the second Club players threatened absent after KyleWalker, Victor Wanyama, and Jan Vertonghen, already got four yellow cards. Such is the case with Sunderland, who threatened without three players, namely Billy Jones,Steven Piennar, and Lynden Gooch.

Meanwhile, seven Premier League clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, currently recorded safe because players are not in the list of "collectors" of four yellow cards.

So far, according to the Daily Mail, the majority of players clubs Premier League already collected three yellow cards. They will get sanctions ban on performing one action if received two yellow cards in the last two games before the new year, 2017.

The players that will be spared from the punishment if received two yellow cards after the new year. However, that does not mean they can be free of punishment. Thumper recorded a total of 10 yellow cards collected before the season ends, they will be punished two games.

Until the 16th week, the first position standings while Premier League Chelsea still occupied a superior six figures from Liverpool in second place.