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Jurgen Klopp: Everton Vs. Liverpool Is Very Special

Chelsea a 1-0 victory over Sunderland in the 16th match of the weekend Premier League 2016-2017 at the Stadium of Lights, Monday (14/12/2016) local time. The Blues victory goal scored by Cesc Fabregas in the 40th minute

This victory became a 10th consecutively won Premier League Chelsea in 2016-2017. Three additional points to make the forces of Antonio Conte firmly at the top of the standings with 40 points, while Sunderland is stuck at the bottom of the standings with a collection of 11 numbers.

In the game, Sunderland relying on the formation of 5-4-1 with Jermain Defoe as the spearhead. Meanwhile, Chelsea appeared with the formation of mainstay i.e. 3-4-3by playing Pedro, Diego Costa, and Willian on the front-line.

On 33 minutes, Chelsea had scored through Pedro. However, the referee correctly the goal because the player is already ahead of time are in a position of offside before kicking the ball.

Chelsea finally ended the deadlock in the 40th minute. CESC Fabregas scored after a one-two with Willian lures utilizing.

Jurgen Klopp: Everton Vs. Liverpool Is Very Special

Entering the second half of the match, Chelsea's increasingly aggressive attacks into the defense line of Sunderland. In the 70th minute, N'Golo Kanté barely increase the prominence of Chelsea, but the ball Spurn his left foot can still be caught goalie Jordan Pickford.

In the 90 + 1, golden opportunities to dispose of Sunderland scored stabilisation. The ball in goal and Jason Denayer results can still be tamed by Chelsea goalie Thibaut Courtois control. Until the game is over, there are no additional goals. Chelsea won 1-0 over Sunderland.

Statistics Premier League records, Chelsea appeared to dominate with possession of66 percent and release 19 experiments that six of them accurately. Meanwhile, Sunderland release eight experiments are three of them right on target.

Liverpool beat Middlesbrough, 2-0, in the Premier League continued at the Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough, on Wednesday (14/12/2016) local time.

This win made Liverpool match points Arsenal in second place with 34 points. Despite having the same goal difference, namely the surplus of 20, but Liverpool were insecond place because of a superior number of goals to enter the opponent with a 40-20, compared to 37-17 belongs to Arsenal.

The face of Middlesbrough, Liverpool direct opens the advantage when the game runs 29 minutes. Bait Nathaniel Clyne converted into goals Adam Lallana.

Jurgen Klopp: Everton Vs. Liverpool Is Very Special

After winning 1-0 in the first half, Liverpool continued to dominate the match. Middlesbrough trouble prying his close defence of Liverpool.

In the 60th minute, Divock Origi scored the second for his team. Belgium midfielderwas successfully maximize bait Lallana.

Eight minutes later, Liverpool Add advantages over host. Again, Lallana became a star through golnya after utilizing bait Origi. Final results of the 3-0 victory for Liverpool.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, impatiently face Everton in a match the 16th week of the Premier League at Goodison Park, Monday (19/12/2016). For cons The game,Klopp Toffees are very special.

Since the Liverpool manager sitting in the Chair on 8 October 2015, once led the new Klopp asuhnya meets Everton. In a match that took place at the Anfield Stadium, 21 April 2016, The Reds won four goals without reply.

The Manager of the origin of Germany's ambition is to achieve similar results when the back counter Everton clash. Moreover, this is the Merseyside derby that is Primefor Klopp at Goodison Park.

"For me this game is quite special, because this is my first time on a trip to Goodison Park. I really stared ahead for a match against Everton and it is a very important time of the season, "said Klopp.

"We watched Everton counterinsurgency Arsenal and its atmosphere is really fun. This will be the actual duel. The best two teams face each other. This is about a comment right at the right moment for the players, "he said.

Liverpool is currently ranked two standings while the Premier League with 34 value results from 16 matches. The Reds winning 11 points over Everton who occupy the position eight.