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Major Diseases Pep Guardiola: Confused Select The Best Composition

The Juventus striker, Paulo Dybala, reveals, the Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, longing to former colleagues at Turin.

Paul Pogba joined Manchester United from Juventus in the summer of 2016. The name of Paul Pogba shot after four season career alongside Juventus. In total, the France midfielder 34 goals and 43 assists in 178 matches at various event.

"I still talk to Pogba. We miss to quality in field and humour him in the locker room.Even so, he still misses us. Take a look at our positions in the standings and in position to Manchester United in the Premier League standings, "says Paulo Dybala.

The 2016-2017 season, Paul Pogba is considered have not provided a major contribution to Manchester United. In fact, the 23-year-old players were carried off to OldTrafford with the status as the world's most expensive player.

Paul Pogba recently had five goals in 22 appearances, including a goal against Crystal Palace when Manchester United won, 2-1, Wednesday (14/12/2016).

Major Diseases Pep Guardiola: Confused Select The Best Composition

Despite the win, Manchester United is still stuck on the sixth rank, linked to 13 the number of Chelsea in the first position. Meanwhile, Juventus until the 16th week of the Serie A is still entrenched at the top of the standings with four digits from AS Roma in second place.

The Manchester United Defender, Eric Bailly pleads cederanya not too severe. He hopes to soon bergabng with his associates.

SkySports, Friday (16/12/2016) released the player recognition. Bailly injury when Manchester United meets Crystal Palace, Wednesday (14/12/2016).

"I am pleased to announce if the injury is not too serious. I hope to be soon to helpthe team. Thank you for all the support, "writes Baily, via its official Twitter account.TER

On the counter match Crystal Palace, Bailly came out on 52 minutes. Matteo Darmian replaced the position of Bailly. At that time, many quarters assessing if the playerback got seriously injured.

Eric Bailly had undergone treatment for the past seven weeks due to knee ligamentinjuries. It makes the player absent in seven games, including the Manchester United Manchester City cons (26/10/2016) and Arsenal (19/11/1999).

Manchester United bring in Eric Bailly from Villarreal at the start of this season witha transfer value of 38 million euros. The player's contract to June 30, 2020.

This season, Eric Bailly became one of the key lines of defence penggawa Manchester United. Recorded, he has managed 16 appearances in all competitions with a total of 1,279 seconds to play.

Major Diseases Pep Guardiola: Confused Select The Best Composition

Manchester City are experiencing unstable conditions. Some circles assessing the situation, confusion set in Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, in determining the starter.

Two former players, Danny Murphy and Stuart Pearce argues, Pep Guardiola still confused in determining the core line-up. As a result, Manchester City could not consistently lose a player who will go down since the start of the match.

According to Danny Murphy, these conditions make the system the game becomesthe maximum. Other effects, the flow of communication between players does not take place smoothly, and it radiates in the middle of the field.

In addition, the uncertainty of who will be the starting eleven player's condition does not make maximum. "Pep Guardiola still groped anyone who deserves to appear since the start whistle. Alas, that happens on every game, and the team became the core of imbalanced, "call Danny Murphy.

The former Liverpool penggawa gives an overview of what happens when Manchester City subject of Leicester City. "Pep Guardiola changed composition in the middle of the road after they conceded two goals. It denotes the absence of consistency ordesign related fixed anyone grazing, "the player who called Murphy.

Major Diseases Pep Guardiola: Confused Select The Best Composition

No wonder if Pep Guardiola got sharp criticism after the defeat of Leicester City, as well as Chelsea on two weeks earlier. Victory cons Watford into solace, that could be the beginning of the landing team structure consistency Pep Guardiola.

Former United Kingdom national team Defender, Stuart Pearce revealed, this time Pep Guardiola also still confusion apply formation ideal. Some of the parties to assessthe pattern of 4-3-3-very fit, something very explored Pep Guardiola during Barcelona together.

"The key thing there is on stock transfer later. PEP Guardiola will have to find the raw format, so it can bring Manchester City appear more consistent, "stated Pearce.