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CESC Fabregas began to change his mind the question of the future at Chelsea

The Liverpool striker, Roberto Firmino, hoping to deliver The Reds grabbed the titlein order to pay for the support of the fans.

Statement of Roberto Firmino want to reference against the song "Bobby Firmino" from the supporters of Liverpool against Middlesbrough, at the Riverside Stadium,Wednesday (14/12/2016). Liverpool won 3-0 thanks to a pair of goals from Adam Lallana and Divock Origi.

"I am glad the fans singing my name and at the time they called me Bobby Firmino.Fun it must feel when they are shouting your name and sing for you. It is a sign we're doing something good, "said Roberto Firmino.

"The song was also a sign of their love over the contributions you make to the teamand their full support for the team," he added.

Until the 16th week, Liverpool finished second while standings with 34 points, or left behind six figures from Chelsea in the first position. Roberto Firmino any hopes his team can stay focused in order to make the competition a champion can be maintained until the end of the season.

CESC Fabregas began to change his mind the question of the future at Chelsea

"At the moment, Liverpool do the job well and created chances to win something this season and that's what being our primary goal. We will play to win the title at 2017.0 "said Roberto Firmino.

Midfielder Cecs Fabregas, Chelsea, claiming to have already started to be comfortable with the strategy that is applied to the Manager Antonio Conte. He also hopes tocontinue to play regular.

Cecs Fabregas's future at Stamford Bridge had become warm after a discussion he rarely appeared at the beginning of the regular season 2016-2017. It would likewisemake the former player of Barcelona that dirumorkan would soon leave on next season.

However, the conditions changed after the Cecs Fabregas has always been a starterin the last two games. Cecs Fabregas ever got around to putting the goal Chelsea a 1-0 victory against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, Monday (14/12/2016).

"People forget this (System adopted Conte) has already twice I went through it. My colleagues play it more than me. Against Manchester City that was a big test because it is a big game. I made it and feel very comfortable now, "says Cesc Fabregas.

"There are a lot of players in front of me, so I can choose the bait between them, and they then ran to an empty room, while I had the protection of the players back. I really enjoyed it and, in my opinion, it fits perfectly with my own game, "he added.

Cecs Fabregas goal against Sunderland to make Chelsea successful 10th victory streak in the Premier League. Chelsea ever increasingly entrenched at the top of the standings temporarily with six figures from Liverpool who occupies the second position.

CESC Fabregas began to change his mind the question of the future at Chelsea

"People say I could not survive, yet I was able to keep the ball, ran to the front, andscored a goal. In an era of football at the moment, people will quickly forget who you are, what you do, and what you can do. May start from now I can continue to playwhile maintaining fitness and show what I can do, "said Cecs Fabregas.

"We certainly can compete. I have seen many teams winning the title--Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, for a 1-0 victory will be crucial. Hopefully we can continue to maintain a performance like this, "Cecs Fabregas added.

Former Arsenal Defender Martin Keown, ask the Manager of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, taught Marcos Rojo how to menekel opponent. Because, tekel Rojo was often dangerously close to injure opposing players.

Argentina's midfielder tekel horror against Wilfried Zaha when MU 2-1 win over Crystal Palace at the weekend, the 16th game Premier League, at Selhurst Park, Wednesday (14/12/2016). Tekel two feet Rojo makes Zaha terjerembap.

Despite a fairly rude violation, the 26-year players received only a yellow card. Meanwhile, it also deprived injury Zaha and can still continue the game.

"It was a reckless offense, there are no treatments for opponents and that can causeserious injury. Rojo has to be intelligent and how do I do a tekel, "Keown said.

"If I was the Manager of Manchster United, I would be tempted to put him on the sidelines while exercises and taught her how to do the tekel with a foot. He has twicetekel rough in recent weeks, and has received pressure from the public due to the crunching tackles, "he continued.

In addition to Wilfried Zaha, Marcos Rojo tekel also did two legs against Idrissa Gueye when Manchester United play 1-draw by Everton at Goodison Park cons, December 4, 2016. Again, Rojo received only a yellow card from the referee.