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Advantage Mourinho rather than Neville and Van Gaal reacted in MU

Henrikh Mkhitaryan was unable to defend when Manchester United meets Manchester City in fourth weekend of Premier League action, 10 September 2016. Because,Mkhitaryan having problems on his left thigh.

Just like any other football player, quarterback of the 27 years defending the national team got the call. He was playing since the early minutes when Czech Republic clash with Armenia in friendship matches in Adidas Arena, 1 September 2016.

But when the match runs 38 minutes, Mkhitaryan has to be pulled out of the field and replaced Artak Yedigaryan. The former Borussia Dortmund penggawa complained of pain in his left foot.

After undergoing checkups, Henrikh Mkhitaryan dibekap muscle injury in the left thigh. Due to the injury, Mkhitaryan has to be pulled over for one week to 10 days recovering.

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Advantage Mourinho rather than Neville and Van Gaal reacted in MU

As a result, he can't play when THY face Manchester City at Old Trafford, next weekend. Even so, Manager of The Red Devils, Jose Mourinho does not have to worry because it still has Juan Mata.

"As captain of the national team preached, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Armenia, suffered the injury against the Czech Republic and as a result cannot continue the match. Mkhitaryan has undergone a medical examination in a clinic in Mlada Boleslav. Unfortunately, the results are not encouraging, "the official statement of the sound of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA).

"Mkhitaryan injury muscle in the bottom third of the left thigh. Injuries like this usually takes a week to 10 days to heal, it means be absent at the match Mkhitaryan Denmark cons Armenia on September 4. "

Manchester United and Manchester City are both clean sweep victory in the inaugural match of the three Premier League this season. MU was ranked three with nine values, or just lost goal difference from Manchester City that occupies the top of the table while the Premier League.

The legend of Manchester United, Paul Scholes, spare Jack Wilshere's decision who prefer joining AFC Bournemouth instead of AS Roma in the summer.

Wilshere will spend the season 2016-2017 along Bournemouth on loan. Whereas, AS Roma also have similar interests against the United Kingdom origin players.

"I would love to see him leave Arsenal and join a great club like Roma. He'll get some experience in Foreign Affairs that I believe would beneficial for him and also the United Kingdom national team, "said Scholes.

As is known, Wilshere last season only play three matches in the Premier League. It happens after the player suffered an injury.

Scholes worry quality Wilshere would decrease due to join the Club level is below Arsenal. According to Scholes, Wilshere should try the challenge to play with big clubslike London's Cannon with the team.

"By joining with Bournemouth, does not mean he can play at any time. He had to give his best appearance at the Club wherever he is, whether it's Bournemouth, Arsenal, Manchester United, or Rome, "said man United Kingdom origin.

"If it can keep fit throughout the season, no doubt he can shine there. But, he should be playing for the big four in the United Kingdom. I am just worried he had set the target too low by joining with Bournemouth, "said Scholes.

Advantage Mourinho rather than Neville and Van Gaal reacted in MU

Wilshere assisted the original cast is Academy's Arsenal. Since the penetrating coresquad in 2008, it recorded a 24-year player has collected 160 appearances in various event for the North London Club's origin.

The legend of Manchester United, Paul Scholes, assume no difference compared toJose Mourinho performed two of the previous Manager, David Moyes and Louis vanGaal reacted. Scholes rate, Against buying the players ready to perform in the Premier League.

Mourinho bought four new players for wading through the 2016-2017 season. Besides Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, The Special One recruit two experienced international players, Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The presence of four new faces turned out could make Manchester United grabbedfour winning streak early in the season. Bailly, Pogba, and Ibrahimovic could directlyadapt to the strategy that applied to Mourinho.

"David Moyes and Louis van Gaal reacted risk play some players are expected to be able to give nice effect, but it didn't. However, Mourinho is currently buying playersready to perform, "said Scholes.

"That's what Manchester United is needed now. The players are now ready to compete in the Premier League. Isn't it time for Mourinho to take the risk, "continued the former United Kingdom national team midfielder it.

Special Ibrahimovic, Scholes said that Sweden midfielder gave a positive influence to the team. According to Scholes, Ibrahimovic could be role models for the young players The Red Devils.