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Ferguson: Barcelona and Real Madrid are more Excellent than MU

The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, began "acting," derbi ahead of the match against Manchester City at Old Trafford, Saturday (10/9/1999). According to him, the time of execution of the game it is too international with pause on a budget.

Mourinho is indeed known as one of the managers who often hurl criticism spicy, good to players, coachesreferees, or FA. On last season, when he was coaching Chelsea, he was punished after continuing to criticize the referees.

This time, who questioned Jose Mourinho is match schedule that made FA. Because,before eating the Pep Guardiola's squad, several key players The Red Devils had todefend his country.

According to Mourinho, with the gap international, a number of South American players, such as Antonio Valencia, Marcos Rojo, and Sergio Romero, even going back 24 hours before the match against City in progress.

"We currently have eight players and Sam Johnstone as a goalkeeper. We will lose some of the other players and we also don't know how they practice, how to restore the conditions, and the life they are living with the national team, "said Mourinho.

Ferguson: Barcelona and Real Madrid are more Excellent than MU

"Some of them will be back on Monday before the match against Manchester City,but there are also some players who come back on Friday. One day earlier, Sergio Romero, Marcos Rojo, and Antonio Valencia came. "

"This is a complicated process, but we know that such a thing will happen if you have players like this. I would love it if all the players go because it means that they have been selected for the national team, "he added.

MU while ranked third while Premier League standings with nine points from three matches, while Manchester City were in first position due to superior productivity goals.

Midfielder N'Golo Kanté has now already become penggawa Chelsea. France-bornPlayer admitted it had persuaded the Manager Jose Mourinho to join Manchester United, before finally choosing Chelsea.

N'Golo Kanté joined Chelsea from Leicester City on 16 July 2016. the 25-year-old player was signed lasted for five seasons with The Blues.

Resounding performance Kanté with escort Leicester City as the Premier League champion's 2015-2016 being the main reasons Chelsea are interested in the proposal Kanté. However, before selecting a Chelsea, Kanté had identified various giant clubsof Europe, MU became one of them.

"It felt incredible as Manager Jose MOurinho is willing to call me. Although, I have been warned how he would persuade me. I listened to all the arguments he and why should I join you, "says Kanté.

"But, I doubt if the time survive in Leicester or moving to Chelsea. I'm berdisukusi to move to Chelsea. Then, I said to Mourinho that I have a good feeling with Conte, "he added.

N'Golo Kanté performing a full three games early in the Premier League Chelsea 2016-2017. The 25-year-old player was on average do 2.7 tekel, 1.7 interception, and broom clean 0.7 per match.

A former manager of Manchester United (MU), Sir Alex Ferguson, admits FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is the best club in the world. The success of The Red Devils bring a number of new players, votes can not match the strength of the team's two original clubs that Spain.

Ferguson: Barcelona and Real Madrid are more Excellent than MU

On stock transfer season 2016-2017, Manchester United have a substantial new four players among them is Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The world's top two players believed to be carrying the Red Devils back in the Premier League as well as European competitions.

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However, the arrival of the two does not make Ferguson chose MU as the best teamin Europe at the moment. A Scottish man who had handled the Red Devils for 26 years it assumes, Barcelona and Real Madrid remained the best in Europe.

"I think this season the two clubs of origin Spain it still will continue to dominate. They have an outstanding team, "said the man who greeted a familiar Fergie it while attending UEFA Elite Coaches Forum in Nyon, Switzerland, on Wednesday (9/31/2016).

Not without reason, Ferguson thinks Real Madrid and Barcelona as the best club. Inthe last three seasons of the Champions League title, the team's second successive trophy grabbed the highest caste of continental Europe it.