Senin, 13 Maret 2017

Kevin de Bruyne is optimistic with the tactics of Pep Guardiola

Manchester City midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, spare existence of sharp criticism directed at the Club's Manager, Pep Guardiola, after two consecutive defeats suffered the Club in the Premier League. Although many received demands to change the tactics of Manchester City, De Bruyne sure if Barcelona will still hold fast to its founding.

"Pep Guardiola was a good Manager. He has a different way of thinking with othermanagers in the United Kingdom. Media and society in the United Kingdom many give sharp criticism in order to change the way the City playing Champions League, but I think it will not happen, "explained De Bruyne.

Players who purchased from Wolfsburg in 2015 for these claims to be comfortable with the strategy that applied to Pick. According to De Bruyne, the strategy fit the profile of the squad currently owned Manchester City and could help the Club achievethe target.

"A tactic Guardiola emphasizing dominance, either when the attack or survive, so we always do to pressure opponents. We are aware of with these tactics, we are required not to make any mistakes because it is potentially detrimental to the team. But for the long term, these tactics could bring the Club stepped up further, "said De Bruyne.

Kevin de Bruyne is optimistic with the tactics of Pep Guardiola

Two suffered defeat Manchester City make them now lagging seven points from Chelsea who are at the top of the table while the Premier League. On the weekend of the 17th, Manchester City could climb the rankings if able to beat Arsenal in a matchwhich will take place at Etihad Stadium (18/12/2016).

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, tired of constantly getting questions reserved the possibility of Alexis Sanchez relocated to China Super League competition. According to Wenger, he is now only focus on counterinsurgency action Manchester City at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (18/12/2016).

"If people want to go to China, then go there. I am more concerned with our matchlater against Manchester City, rather than those things, "said Wenger.

"Sanchez still has 18 months left in his contract. I don't see that it is an emergency.Maybe you journalists lacking creativity in making the news because of the always asks the same thing like this, "said Wenger.

Alexis Sanchez is a core part of Arsenal's squad since arriving from Barcelona in the summer of 2014-2015. He has repackaged the 113 appearances, scoring 55 goals, and deliver 33 assists.

Not only that, Alexis Sanchez was also able to bring Arsenal FA Cup title in 2015. Despite various record shiny, not thus make Alexis Sanchez gets priority at Arsenal.

Kevin de Bruyne is optimistic with the tactics of Pep Guardiola

The current contract will expire on Alexis Sanchez June 30, 2018. Reportedly, management of Arsenal have been handed a new contract. However, the United Kingdommedia mentions if the salary offered Arsenal did not match the expectations of theplayers.

Glass of it, some Chinese Super League clubs are reportedly very interested in bringing Alexis Sanchez. European media mentions if they dared to issue a large Fund to bring the players out of Arsenal.

In fact, recently the coach of Hebei China Fortune, Manuel Pellegrini, openly ready to accommodate Alexis Sanchez. Reportedly, the players will be paid 400 thousand pound sterling (USD 6.6 billion) if it is really part of Arsenal to China.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, assessing if the range of the criticism addressed to the speaker of the tactics of Manchester City, Josep Guardiola, lighter than earnedhim when recently served as Manager of Arsenal in 1996.

"I got some newspapers when it recently became Manager of Arsenal. You will see ifthe situation for foreign managers are better this time, rather than in the past, "saidWenger.

"When I first arrived in London, it was the moment that it is difficult for a foreign Manager as I am. Currently, the situation was turned around. The managers of United Kingdom origin had suffered a difficult situation, "continued Wenger.

Kevin de Bruyne is optimistic with the tactics of Pep Guardiola

In the last three games in the Premier League, Manchester City only got one victoryand two defeats, namely swallow from Chelsea (1-3) and Leicester City (2-4).

The negative result is then stoked the criticism aimed at Real Madrid. Many quarterscalling if the Manager determines the best composition of difficulties for Manchester City's squad. However, Wenger assess if Champions are already on the right track.

"I have to say Guardiola has done a very good job and he is one of the most respected managers in world football. However, every manager has a personality and they would only act according to the personality of each, "said Wenger.

Arsenal and Manchester City will meet on advanced competition Premier League 17th week at Etihad Stadium, Sunday (18/12/2016). The victory became the second team to die price, to keep asa became League champions in this season.